Where is Bear? By Jonathan Bentley

Where is Bear? by Jonathan BentleyISBN: 9780399555930

Where is Bear? Where could he be? It is bedtime, and bedtime is not bedtime without Bear! This picture book is bound to cause a few giggles as the reader is drawn in to help the little boy find Bear on every page. But will the search be successful?

A brilliant picture book is one that uses illustrations as well as words to convey a story. Where is Bear? by Jonathan Bentley is one of those! The illustrations not only illustrate what the text says, it tells the story behind the words too – as Bear appears on every page, but the little boy is seemingly unaware of him!

With a little twist to the tale, the story well portrays a child’s comfort-object gone missing – one without which a child simply cannot fall asleep! Littlees find comfort in familiar items, because it reminds them of the comfort and security of home. It helps them feel more confident when they venture a bit out of their comfort-zone (usually outside their parents’ arms), and even when the task at hand is only to go to sleep, a comfort-object such as a stuffed toy or blanket helps them calm themselves.

Where is Bear? by Jonathan Bentley cleverly and warmly portrays this issue. This picture book can also be used to introduce prepositions (position in space, i.e. in, on, under, etc.)

At our Infant & Toddler Story Time, everyone had fun making their own bear craft sticks!
Where is Bear? Craft
If you would like to do this craft as well, download the Bears Template, print, cut out, and let the kids stick on their googly eyes!


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