Book List – Grade 5

For Grade 5 we tried a little different setup. I went out and bought the complete Platinum Series, including the Teacher’s Guides, as well as the Afrikaans Sonder Grense textbooks. Here’s the list, and links to resources.

Curriculum Choice

When it gets to selecting the material you wish to share with your children when homeschooling, it can get a bit overwhelming because there are such wide variety curricula available. …

What do I need to start our first day of homeschool?

New homeschoolers are sometimes quite nervous and unsure of themselves, wondering whether they have everything they need to start homeschooling their children. I drew up a list of things to keep in mind when shopping for supplies for your “schoolroom”.

Getting started with homeschool

Many people undertake to start with homeschooling, but it might look daunting at first – after all, we would like to do things right, and ultimately succeed. There are so many questions to be answered. I put together some things to consider when you start out.