The squirrels who squabbled

The squirrels who squabbledby Rachel Bright

ISBN: 9781408340486

The squirrels who squabbled is a truly lovely book about sharing!

It is time to hibernate, but “Spontaneous Cyril” lives for the “Now and the Here. He’d adventured and partied his way through the year” – not gathering food for the winter like all squirrels should… He spots a lone pine-cone, and realizing inside are the “Very. Last. Nuts. Of. The. Season”, he goes after it… but he is not the only one with his eye on that pine-cone… Cyril finds himself in a bit of a competition to get to it – what wouldn’t the squirrels do to have it for themselves? Would a sleepy bear stop them? Or a river? Or a sweeping bird? What about a waterfall? Or is there something better than being first, the best, or even selfish?

The illustrations are just really lovely, and the reader would want to spend some time in them.

The Foundation Phase students at Thorntree Preparatory School during Book Club Hour this week really engaged in the story as they followed the chase after the pine-cone in classic Scrat-style, this time making a friend!



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