Do unto otters by Laurie Keller

Do unto otters by Laurie KellerISBN: 9780312581404

Mr Rabbit is happily on his way home singing his Doo-Dee-Doo song when he discovers the OTTERS – his new neighbours! He panics – he doesn’t know anything about otters! What if they don’t get along? Neighbours can be pesky and lousy you know!

But wise old owl shares the golden rule with Rabbit, and Rabbit explores what it means to treat others the way you want them to treat you. Would the otters treat him the way he expects to be treated – would they be friendly, polite (saying please, thank you and excuse me), honest, considering and kind? Would they know how to play fair? Would they know how to ask forgiveness and to forgive?

This lovely picture book introduces good manners in a very fun way, and it brilliantly explains big words like “considerate” and “cooperate” with hilarious illustrations and witty otter-comments. It gives practical applications of the characteristics discussed, for example being considerate is to “be a good listener”, “ask before borrowing something”, “not littering” or “respecting the elderly”, all brilliantly illustrated!

American children’s author and illustrator, Laurie Keller, added a fun interactive activity in this book in the introduction on how to be polite in 5 different languages! The Foundation Phase students at Thorntree Preparatory School really had fun trying to say Please, Thank You and Excuse Me in Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Pig Latin during our Book Club Hour today!

There is a lot of hilarious detail in the illustrations which makes the book a pleasure to read – a true gem!

Preview the story here:


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