Celebrate Today

celebrate-today-tnHere’s an idea that I thought interesting!

All over the world celebrations are going on every day. So why not have a calendar that contains these (some silly) celebrations, and use them as topics for studies or discussion, and “Celebrate Today” while its here?

I compiled a PDF file for 2016, that you can download below. The term “National” is used a lot on the calendar, and mostly refers to the United States. So we don’t celebrate those days (or any other necessarily), but I left it as such and thought it a good discussion/research topic. Most of these “holidays” are not public holidays, just fun-themed days that can cause some interesting input from the kids.

I also left the links intact so that you can access information with regard to why the day is named as it is, and where it started.

You are welcome to download the wacky calendar here:

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