Book Club Meeting 29 February 2020

At our second Kids Book Club meeting for 2020 we read “A hilarious story about the importance of keeping calm and NOT losing your temper!”

Marvin gets Mad by Joseph TheobaldMarvin gets Mad by Joseph Theobald

ISBN: 9781408850022

Marvin and Molly find a tree full of big, juicy apples. But no matter how high Marvin jumps, he just cannot reach the apple he’s got his eye on. So he waits… and he waits… and he waits… Eventually he falls asleep. But when he wakes up, his apple is GONE! And he gets really, really mad when he sees Molly busy eating it!

This is such a sweet picture book that portrays the monster we can turn into when we don’t get our way and how we will likely find ourselves isolated after an anger outburst!

Molly’s forgiving and accepting attitude is admirable when she goes to find Marvin because she thought he might be lost after “the ground opened up and swallowed him whole”! Marvin is too grateful that she came to his rescue, but will Marvin have learned his lesson?

We were only a handful of people at our monthly meeting this time, but a story read to even one child is worth it all! The moms had a nice get-together (social), discussing some everyday things while the children were happily playing together… and the older girls were having a “photo shoot”!


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