A single shard By Linda Sue Park

This is one of those books that create a vivid, lasting picture in the reader’s mind. A brilliantly written story about an orphan boy and his apprenticeship as a potter in a small potters-village on the west coast of Korea, in the latter parts of 12th century. The author describes the daily life in the village, the materials used in creating celadon pottery, and the hard work it took to gather those materials and complete the process of creating those well-sought after pieces of art.

It is a touching story that speaks of integrity, perseverance, and commitment to others, and opens up a truckload of topics to discuss, and the use of real facts encourages research on the life at those times and places.

ISBN: 9780547534268

I created a list of review questions and their answers, which you can download using the link below. There is also a student sheet, meant for revision and learning some new vocabulary words used in the book, that students can complete instead:

A single shard – Review Questions
A single shard Student Sheet
This was one of the first books I used with chapter summaries in order to promote writing with my reluctant writer. See what I did here.


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