How to make an apple pie and see the world

How to make an apple pie and see the worldby Marjorie Priceman (ISBN: 9780679880837)

Who wouldn’t like to travel the world?! Even better if you can gather ingredients for a delicious apple pie on the way!

An energetic little girl wants to bake an apple pie, but finds the market closed and cannot buy the ingredients she needs. She doesn’t let it stop her, but uses it as an opportunity to travel the world and collect only the finest ingredients for her pie! Join her on her wonderful journey as she collects some semolina wheat in Italy, some elegant eggs in France, cinnamon from the bark of a Kurundu tree in Sri Lanka, milk from England, sugar from Jamaica and apples in Vermont (and some salt on the way)!

This is a lovely picture book, with vibrant, energetic illustrations, a brilliant addition that teaches about trade in such a fun way!

The foundation phase learners at Thorntree Prep listened to How to make an apple pie and see the world during our Book Club Hour today, and learned about

  • natural resources (and connecting them to their country of origin)
  • capital goods
  • processing raw materials (natural resources) into ingredients (using capital goods!)
  • the market and shops as middlemen and how they make trade easier
  • trade
  • imports/exports
  • continents as we travelled the globe
  • some countries on those continents
  • what ingredients are necessary to make an apple pie
  • methods of transport
  • what semolina wheat is and how it differs from flour
  • what a banana boat is and the Banana Boat song (Jamaican folk song)
  • where people speak Italian (Italy) and what language is spoken in France (French) – and other languages in other countries

The girl’s apple pie obviously tasted much better than if the market had been open, because she selected only the finest ingredients! But she first had to process her natural goods before she could use them as ingredients.

Everyone enjoyed one or two apple slices while we followed the little girl’s journey on a world map, discussed baking and ingredients, and learned about all these interesting topics. The kids didn’t think first going to a farm to collect milk or eggs (or to persuade a chicken to lay an egg!) was effective use of time, and all agreed that middlemen really do serve a great purpose!

A recipe for delicious apple pie is included in the back of the book!




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