Events in Modern History

Since Buck told me he is no longer interested in reading The Story of the World by Susan Weise Bauer, because it is boring, and he knows most of what has happened in modern history – needless to say I was shocked to hear it, because I find The Story of the World quite helpful and interesting, I decided to put together an outline of World Events in the Modern Era instead.

I included a list of the dates from 1850 to 2015 in 10-year intervals (1850-1859, 1860-1869, etc.), a statement as to what happened each year(s), and a brief description of terms and causes for those events for easy reference. You can download my book Events in Modern History as well as the cover I designed, for free below.

This book can also be used as research project for older kids – let them go search the meaning of the terms they don’t know, and/or the reason(s) and causes for those events!

Hopefully my son will be more interested and will do his own research and will not be bored anymore…(a swear-word in my eyes…!)

You can download my files here:
Events in Modern History Outline PDF (665KB)

And the Book Covers:


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