Book Review – Platinum Natural Science & Technology Gr5

Platinum Natural Science & Technology Grade 5 covers the following topics:

  • Plants and animals on earth
  • Animal skeletons
  • Skeletons as structures
  • Food chains
  • Life cycles
  • Metals and non-metals
  • Uses of metals
  • Processing materials
  • Processed materials
  • Stored energy in fuels
  • Energy and electricity
  • Energy and movement
  • Systems for moving things
  • Planet Earth
  • The surface of the Earth
  • Sedimentary rocks
  • Fossils

The topics are divided into units or lessons that are short and written in an easy-to-read font and format, even for a 4th Grader. It is completed with revision questions and activities, and the material is very visually presented. An independent learner can work through the material on his own, but obviously, as all other Platinum books, it is written for the classroom setup and the answers to the questions in the Learner’s Book is in the Teacher’s Guide, making the learner a little touch dependent on the “Teacher”.

The Teacher’s Guide also contains the Formal Assessments (tests and examination papers) and answer sheets to the extra Extension and Remediation Worksheet Book that comes with it. For those interested in the more school-at-home approach, this is a good alternative.

The work was a little bit boring and incomplete as to what we covered previously in our home education (even though we combined Grade 4 and Grade 5 in one year), so I created lapbook and notebook resources to accompany the Platinum Natural Science and Technology book, and complimented the material with the Usborne Science Encyclopedia, and What’s Science All About, which is written in a fun and (very much more) visual/interesting way. View my resources here.
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